About NSWA

Naik Star Women Association (NSWA) is founded by employees and youth of venkata thanda, Anepuram village in 2015 as a non government organization (NGO) and it is working with the affiliation of NSSS. It is committed to encourage the youths to make the society and the nation best putting by their best efforts, to develop the integrity of awareness and save the culture of occasional festivals, to eradicate the social evils from the society/public such as untouchability, dowry customa, corruption, Alcohol, female feticides and awake the association about the democratic values, Economic growth, youth affairs, people development, encouraging women literacy, political education.

We are also encouraging sports every year for their physical and mental development. Competitive sports such as soccer, track, basketball and swimming can also help kids learn important life lessons about teamwork and fair play. Participating in sports teaches children and teenagers how to compete in the real world. Playing sports can help kids understand how competition works in a friendly environment, and that if you try your hardest, you have a better chance to sucessed.