• To develop self –reliance, co-operation and self respect among the society.

  • To eradicate the social evils from the society/public such as untouchability, dowry customa, superstitious, corruption, female feticides and awake the society about the democratic values.

  • To encourage the youths to make the society and the nation best putting by their best efforts.

  • To procure the assistance for development of the society from government, non government organizations and other institutes for achieving the aim and targets of the society in the field of development.

  • To educate the villagers about the agricultural activities and to encourage them to use the modernize agricultural instruments for modernize cultivation.

  • To make the unemployed familiar about self employment and to assist them to advance loan from the banks and financial institutes.

  • To provide the library to educate the villagers and to get impose the newspapers and magazines for them and to take interest in games and sports and cultural activities.

  • To make awareness about Health and its suitable development, mental environment and child health.

  • To develop the integrity of awareness and save the culture of occasional festivals.

  • Right to information act.

  • Economic growth, youth affairs, people development, literacy, political education.

  • To guide, provide and safe guard the interests rights & privilege as per the constitutional rights on time to time occasionally.

  • To render assistance to other public charitable trusts or institutions which related to the Banjara’s.

  • The benefits of the society are open to all irrespective of caste, creed or religion.

  • To grant affiliation and assistance to such associations which are interested to join and work with our society.

  • To undertake all such activities needed for the welfare and well-being of the member and the society.